Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


"I heard this SEO stuff might be important?"

-Understatement of the year.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the term used to describe the tactics you use to get your website to appear earlier in Google. An estimated 67% of all searches in Google resulted in a click on one of the top five results listed by Google. Needless to say, if you want a safe place to bury a body, you should try doing it on the 3rd page of a Google result.

Despite countless charlatans on the internet selling you SEO-snake-oil and get-rich-quick schemes, we can confirm that it is very hard to get that coveted #1 spot on Google. We say that as a company that employs ex-Googlers and who's top-selling service is SEO.

"I get the point. It's hard to rank in Google. How can Gameplan Digital help with SEO?"

Without overselling ourselves, by a lot of hard work and coordination with your business. Google is updating its algorithm every day, however, we let you know whenever they release a major update.

The way to the top of the rankings will always be through high-quality content. There are little hacks along the way, however, which we specialize in.

SEO example:

Pretend you own a local news publication and you just wrote a breaking-news story from an insider scoop you obtained. You can write a fantastic story and publish it on all your social channels. However, unless your text is formatted in the right manner and you're using the right keywords, it might get lost in the sea of search results.

Even things as small as adding keywords in "header tags" can go a long way.

Don't believe us? Take a look at every header we wrote so far and look for the common word that appears in each. That is good SEO.

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So how will Gameplan Digital save me money?

Answer: 2 Ways

  1. We love Kombucha and ping-pong, but it's not in our budget. Because our network of professionals are "partners" of the business, we have dramatically less overhead than the competition. Our accountants are good.
  2. Finally, it's in the name. Before we begin to optimize for keyword ranking, we help you come up with a digital Gameplan. In this, we'll establish what your future goals are, where your revenue streams lie, what your brand tone is, etc. When we start planning out your most crucial keywords, we use your digital Gameplan to incorporate the right strategy from day one.

I'm Sold But I Need More Details..

Good News 

Search Engine Optimization goes off of an hourly rate rather than a budget, so you can limit the number of hours you want per month. As with all products, Gameplan Digital SEO is handled by top-agency talent, but at a small-business rate.


Our professionals will need to meet with your point-of-contact to learn the intricacies of your business, the marketing dynamic, and your company voice. From there, we'll need to get access to your Google Search Console, append an analytics pixel on the site, and then we get to work! Turnaround time can be as quick as one week from the first meeting.

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You need to get a gameplan.

It's more than just our name. It's more than just our slogan. We fully buy into the concepts of preparation, experience, value, and transparency. When you achieve all four of those in unison you have a Gameplan.

If you're interested in hearing more about our SEO services, fill out the contact form below and we'll get back to you to schedule a consultation. We greatly appreciate everyone who reaches out, however, if we feel that your company would not fully benefit from our services, we reserve the right to not proceed with a partnership. #Transparency

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