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"Why should I care about buying keywords?"

In 1998, a couple of nerds out in California created a company. This company changed the face of the internet as we know it. These nerds created one of the world's most respected companies- Google. Also known as Google.

Since 1998, Google has reinvented itself many times. In fact, Google reinvents its algorithm several times a day. It has created industries and professions whose central responsibilities require keeping on top of Google's changes.

Having great content is always key, however, the road to getting there is a slow one. For this, Google invented Paid Search, also known as Pay-Per-Click, or PPC.

Because of paid search, even the smallest businesses can compete with billion-dollar corporations for their slice of the pie.

Paid Search Scrabble Game
We are excellent at PPC. Terrible at Scrabble.

"And why should I rely on Gameplan to buy my keywords?"

You don't have to. Here are 3 alternatives to choosing Gameplan Digital:

  1. Go with a smaller agency. Be careful, though. Keyword research has roots in data-science. Many smaller agencies cannot afford either the proper data-scientists or technology for efficient research.
  2. Go with a larger agency. Ah, our old employers. They can afford the technology and data-scientists because you're paying for them. Not to mention, almost all agencies have 10-20 accounts per data-scientist.
  3. Do the paid search in-house. There are about 25,000 data-scientists in the United States, yet there are over 5.6 million companies. We do not encourage you to jump into paid search blindly. You won't need a data-scientist to realize that you'll become just another statistic.

In all seriousness, our professionals are some of the most highly-qualified paid search experts in the United States. We are comprised of former large-agency veterans, and we even have some former Google employees.

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So how will Gameplan Digital save me money?

Answer: 2 Ways

  1. We love Kombucha and ping-pong, but it's not in our budget. Because our network of professionals are "partners" of the business, we have dramatically less overhead than the competition. Our accountants are good.
  2. Finally, it's in the name. Before we even set up the first keyword, we'll help you come up with a digital Gameplan. In this, we'll establish what your future goals are, where your revenue streams lie, what your brand tone is, etc. When we start building out your paid search campaigns we use your digital Gameplan to incorporate the right callouts, landing pages, and competitive insight from day one.

I'm Sold But I Need More Details..

Good News 

As a paid advertising channel, we keep it simple. We charge a service fee of 20% of your advertising budget. We dare you to find another agency that lists their service fees so bluntly on their site (and then we'll beat them.)

Paid Search Timeline

Our professionals will need to meet with your point-of-contact to learn the intricacies of your business, the marketing dynamic, and your points of emphasis. From there, you'll need a simple tracking pixel installed on your website to monitor our performance. Then we get to work. Turnaround time can be as quick as a few days from the first meeting.

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You need to get a gameplan.

It's more than just our name. It's more than just our slogan. We fully buy into the concepts of preparation, experience, value, and transparency. When you achieve all four of those in unison you have a Gameplan.

If you're interested in hearing more about our paid search services, fill out the contact form below and we'll get back to you to schedule a consultation. We greatly appreciate everyone who reaches out, however, if we feel that your company would not fully benefit from our services, we reserve the right to not proceed with a partnership. #Transparency

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